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My goal is to help you make conscious changes in the important areas of your life.

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How Does Progress Psychology Work?

Problem Analysis and Solution Description

Together, we analyze your current situation and identify key aspects. We create a detailed project plan that includes specific steps to help you move forward.

New Behavior and Working with Past Experiences

Using various psychological techniques, we explore your past experiences and find ways to transform negative memories into useful lessons. This helps you develop new behaviors and reactions, improving your interactions with the world around you.

New Activities and Perspective Evaluation

We help you implement new strategies and actions in your daily life. We assess your achievements, adjust plans, and prepare for the next stages of your personal growth and development. Our goal is to help you achieve sustainable progress and reach new heights.

Benefits of Progress Psychology

  • Awareness – Understand yourself, your goals, and your challenges better.
  • Manageability – Gain tools to manage your self-development.
  • Control – Monitor your progress and adjust your path.
  • Growth – Progress Psychology is your path to a better version of yourself.
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Progress with Confidence

Ivan Nistarov

An experienced psychologist ready to help you in your situation

Progress in life begins with a key question,
followed by a thoughtful answer,
and is achieved through new actions.

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Why Choose Me?

Individual Approach

Every person is unique, as is their story. Our sessions consider your personal characteristics and help solve your specific problems. You’ll receive support that truly works for you.

Focus on the Future

We cannot change your past, but we can view it differently. By analyzing your history, we’ll find the keys to changing your attitude towards the past, creating a better present and future.


Online sessions are convenient and confidential. You can freely share your feelings and feel safe.

Solid Results

Together, we will define your goals and the steps to achieve them. After the first sessions, you will see real changes and feel your life progressing.

Decided to Change Yourself and Your Life?

I am ready to support and guide you on your journey, providing all my professional tools and skills. This is a new path to a future created by you.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can things get worse after a consultation?

I will support you professionally and productively. Facing real problems can be difficult, but it indicates progress in your work. This phase is necessary to achieve the desired result.

How long will it take to solve my problem?

Every case is unique and depends on the complexity of the problem. Typically, one issue requires 3 to 10 consultations, each lasting an average of 1.5 to 2 hours.

Will your service really help me? Are there any guarantees?

My professionalism, guaranteed attention, support, and absolute confidentiality are backed by creating an individualized plan. We will work together to achieve significant changes in your life using advanced tools and methods.

Can the problem return after a session?

The success of our work depends on both the psychologist’s professionalism and your willingness to change and take daily actions. While we cannot predict the future, our collaboration increases the likelihood of achieving the desired result.

Can you advise me on what to do in my situation?

I can recommend first identifying the specific problem that is bothering you. Try to describe it in as much detail as possible: what exactly is happening, how often, and what emotions and thoughts it evokes. Then think about your goals—how would you like to change this situation? Together, we can analyze the causes of the problem and create an action plan. We will regularly check progress and make necessary adjustments. It is important to remember that changes take time, but with the right approach, you will definitely achieve your goals.

What happens during a session?

During a session, we discuss and understand your perspectives on the world, others, and yourself. We set new goals, perspectives, and behaviors based on your request. Sometimes, the root of the problem is not what you initially thought, so it is crucial to be open to new ideas.